Her Most Imperial Majesty, La Hembra de la Jefe
Wants More!
From the Liquor Store,
The Reigning Empress of
San Francisco
Juanita More!
from The Court of
More is MORE!

The Court of More is MORE!

His Most Imperial Majesty,
Quing of the Nightlife!
The Reigning Emperor of
San Francisco
Mr. David Glamamore
from The Court of
More is MORE!

Their Most Imperial Majesties' Court Colors:

Sapphire Blue, Shocking Pink

His Most Imperial Majesty's Animal:

Great Horned Owl - Bubo Virginianus

Her Most Imperial Majesty's Gemstone:

Rose Quartz

Her Most Imperial Majesty's Bird:

Hummingbird Anna, Calypte Anna

Her Most Imperial Majesty's Flower: